Learn French Beginner – On the iBookstore

Learn French on the go - with our interactive eBook available on the iBookstore for iPad®, iPad® mini or Mac with OS X 10.9.

Interactive pictures detailing important vocabulary

Interactive books are the best method to learn a new language.

Textbooks are heavy, old-school and boring.

Our interactive multi-touch eBook for the iBookstore brings you joy, native speaker voice and instant feedback quizzes!

And saves some of those nice trees…

Varied topics in almost 100 sections and chapters

Beautiful pictures for beautiful minds.

It is scientifically proven that students learn 50 % faster with an interactive multi-channel approach! Topics include:

  • Greetings & Small Talk
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Holidays
  • Shopping
  • Geography

and much more! 🙂

End-of Chapter quizzes to track your progress

Reinventing the Game of Language Learning

At the end of each chapter, thorough review exercises help you to check your comprehension.

Many different types of exercises keep you fresh and motivated!
You can also repeat vocabulary with built-in study cards.

What else?
  • Ten Bonus Chapters on French culture
  • Highlight interesting areas with colors
  • Add your own notes to the book
  • Study Cards from your notes
  • Bookmark important pages
  • iCloud Sync with your devices
  • Social Sharing of content
  • Full-text search

Le Bon Mot … c’est génial!

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